17 February 2012

Towards Time & Financial Freedom

Deriving from the way Robert T Kiyosaki has divided the world population of earners into four quadrants in his famous book ‘The Cash Flow Quadrant’, and how Burke Hudges has explained the ‘bucket carrying‘ concept in his famous book ‘The Parable of Pipeline’, I am convinced and thus strongly advocate that in this era of fast, and stress and tension filled life, we critically need to scan for options that will provide us TIME AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM. And, the sooner – the better.

What does that mean and translate into??? It means that we need to look for options which can help us move from the quadrant where we are trading our time for money, to the quadrant where we leverage other’s time to make money work for us. In plain terms – move from the ‘Active’ income side to the ‘Passive’ income side. And the good thing is that the transition can also be gradual. Some of the benefits of having a source of Passive Income are as under:-
  • Escape from JOB (also Just-Over-Broke) cycle i.e. ‘off to office – back to home – off to office’. 
  • Time, as well as financial independence. 
  •  Adequate time to pursue other interests. 
  • Spend quality, as well as quantity time with near and dear ones.
  • No inherent fear of ‘retirement’ and ‘post – retirement’ blues. 
  • Contribute to charity. 
  •  Future generations also get benefited.
Means to generate passive income are many, and thus can be adopted as per the capability, interests and the risk taking appetite of respective individual. One can reap benefits from investments in realty, earnings from investments in equity, write books or use net resources (like writing blogs) to obtain royalty or commission/ad revenues, or earn through Network Marketing, and many more.

I have discovered that Network Marketing happens to be a source which involves least risk, minimum investment and comparatively higher returns. One can get a very good insight into this field by reading ‘The Book on Network Marketing’ by Richard Kall, and ‘Network Marketing – Business of the 21st Century’ by Robert T Kiyosaki. Not surprisingly, even Bill Gates has remarked that had he known this concept of compounding before founding Microsoft, he would have been luckier to adopt it.

I have no hesitation in saying that we need to take a serious stock of the environment around us and strive to reach the point where we can have ‘time for ourselves’ at the earliest. Look for your options…..and not run away from them.

Marathon Versus Relay. Our life is a race, but we can decide if we want to be a participant in a ‘marathon’ run, or a ‘relay’ race. Obviously, we run all alone in a marathon and our success depends on our individual capability. We keep succeeding, till we keep running. It is synonymous with a person working on a job where he follows the ‘off to office - back to home - off to office’ cycle. He gets a salary till he maintains this cycle. Thereafter, probably his next generation also takes the same cue and follows suit. This is what majority of the population does.

Alternatively, a few decide to run a ‘relay’ race. The first person runs for some distance, and then passes on the baton to the next person. The second person also does the same, and the cycle follows. In the end, when the team wins, it is victory for all of them. This is the essence of Network Marketing, where the effort is at team level with collective victory also providing for time and financial freedom. This way, they have all created a ‘pipeline’ of wealth for themselves.

There is a very thin wall separating the ‘marathon’ runners from the ‘relay’ runners. It is only incumbent on us to make a little effort and break this wall to become a part of the ‘relay’ runners/‘pipeline’ builders.

My sole intention is ‘to make you think’ and possibly prod you towards a better life. However, the prerogative to take that ‘hint’ is and will always be with you. You decide, how you want to be the master of your future. Only YOU have to take decision to ‘make money work for you’, to stop becoming a ‘bucket carrier’ and to lay the ‘pipeline of wealth’ instead. Only YOU have to take actions to prevent yourself from getting exhausted in the ‘marathon’ of life, and instead form your team and run a ‘successful relay’ race.

  • Act quickly.
  • Learn, then earn. 
  • Raise yourself, and then HELP mankind. 
  • Enjoy – the much desired time and financial freedom.
Now, go ahead and arm yourself with adequate knowledge about the subject from the various sources you can think of. My best wishes will always be with YOU.

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