08 September 2015

QNET Family Turns 17 Today

On this day, 16 years ago, a group of people found themselves at crossroads, having had their faith shaken and with the responsibility of 2000 people in their hands. They took a leap of faith and made a decision that not just altered the course of their lives, but also the lives of many others. 

Led by visionaries, they started with nothing but a dream and the belief that they could make a difference in the lives of those who had put their faith in them.

16 years later, they are still going strong. On our anniversary today, our founders, Dato' Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark tell us why they embarked on this journey, why they do what they do, why they keep going up against all odds and why they continue to believe.

Hear our founders Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark share their immense passion and humility as they reflect on the journey that is QNET.

And, to get more insight what this Direct Selling GIANT is all about, click here.

03 September 2015


Are you a leader?

If you have a screaming ‘yes’ in mind, I have a follow-up question: How do you define the term ‘leader’?

This is a very important word in network marketing. Your career in network marketing depends on your leadership – the ability to duplicate your success through the success of the people you empower. These people are your success and they are the key in growing your organisation.

Smart prospecting. Your prospects give you an idea of what kind of distributors they will be. You must know them and have a plan for each of them, while respecting their own personalities and needs. After your prospects become distributors, what do you want them to be?

Product Distributors
These are people in your organisation who are really just after the discounts they get for the products for their own personal use.

Part-Time Distributors
These people prefer to earn extra income from their QNET business. Their nine-to-five jobs are still their main source of income, by choice.

Regular Distributors
Their QNET business is their only source of income. They work hard and earn regularly based on methods that work for them.

Business Builders
They are successful distributors who get addicted to seeing their success through the success of other people in their own organisation. These people earn steady income, week after week. Because of the level of success, they tend to stay in the business longer than the others.

Want more business builders in your organisation globally?

Regardless of which group they fall into, distributors bring us earnings. This is why we took advantage of QNET’s global reach and presence to come up with an amazing mobile app called QNET4U. The app empowers our Independent Representatives with an undeniably competitive advantage to welcome people from all walks of life and from anywhere in the world into our global business community.

It is designed to help IRs introduce QNET to their prospects through four simple functions.

1. Living Proof Video.
A powerful collection of successful IRs sharing their thoughts on how QNET has changed their lives for the better. It shows our global reach and explains why more people are joining the business.

2. Product Portfolio.
An eBook version of the existing QNET Product Portfolio that details all of QNET’s products.

3. QNET Opportunity Video.
This video explains the QNET business opportunity in a very simple way.

4. IR Registration Page.
Give your prospects the ability to register anytime they want. They can register directly through the app using your IR ID number.

The app is simple and only requires a few clicks. It can be easily shared on WhatsApp, SMS, email and social media. Anyone from anywhere in the world can download and use the app. Imagine presenting the business to someone in Japan while you are in the UAE! Download now and let QNET4U be your handy business opportunity presentation buddy. It's helpful for even those who just want to learn about QNET.

Available for iOS and Android devices.