26 August 2012

I Can Do This.........

25 August 2012

QVI Club Membership....Golden Opportunity

With reference to my previous post on the same subject on 6 Aug 12, here’s an extended opportunity to enjoy the price benefits of some of our QVI products in India!

The price increase is now postponed to Friday, 31 August 2012, 21:30 IST.

Let’s make optimum use of this time! Go for it now!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

19 August 2012

Think, Act & Achieve...........

Change your attitude in just less than 3 minutes.................

06 August 2012

Hurry....Avail QVI Club Membership

Do you like and are you planning to go on Vacation Packages??? Then, do NOT miss this opportunity.

This is for prompt attention of similarly inclined friends of mine. Rates of QVI Club Memberships are going to rise after a week. Though these rates would still continue to be cheaper than it’s competitors, why not avail and exploit the opportunity now at existing lower rates!!!

The existing rate and the increased rate wef 20 Aug 2012, for the different Memberships are as follows:

-  Diamond Membership (entailing 30 years membership with two weeks each year) – Rs 681733 : Rs725200.

-  Platinum Membership (entailing 30 years membership with one week each year) – Rs 426406 : Rs 454200.

- Gold Membership (entailing 30 years membership with one week each alternate year) – Rs 238787 : Rs 255600.

-  Silver Membership (entailing 10 years membership with one weeks each alternate year and an additional sixth week ) – Rs 171855 : Rs 183700.

-  Bronze Membership (entailing 5 years membership with one weeks each alternate year, total of 3) – Rs 96910 : Rs 106200

Commendable benefits of QVI Club Memberships worth highlighting are:-

- Inflation proof Membership cost.

- Benefits available for use by upto four members.

- Pay usage charges only in the year when used, and not the unused arrears/backlog as stipulated by other competitors.

- No restrictions like purple, red, white weeks, or other such restrictions for booking of resorts.

- Provision to carry forward and also utilize weeks in advance, within stipulations.

- Opportunity to become member of QNET with no additional charge, thus providing scope to further have additional source of income through Network Marketing.

For obtaining further details of QVI Club and the Membership packages, check this link http://www.vanamala-india.com/memberships.html and for the details of resorts, check this link http://www.qviclub.com/en/resorts/home-resorts

And, for checking the financial implication of stay at QVI/Xchange Club Resorts (at the existing rates of Membership), check this link http://ranvirsm.weebly.com/vacations.html

For any further query…….your's truly is available.