29 March 2012

QInfinite.....The Process Begins

22 March 2012

QVI - New Website

After many months of hard work and thought, we are now pleased to show you the new QVI Club website. Check it out at www.qviclub.com.

It has a bright, fresh look; lots of great photos of our resorts, destinations and travel activities; and most importantly, it incorporates all the enhancements that you’ve been asking for – easy navigability, home page links to pages you often visit, more information on what QVI Club is all about, a Quick Fact Guide, and lots of pictures.

This is still a work in progress – we are developing a resort travelogue video, a new testimonial video, and various other initiatives and improvements. We will start work on translating the website to all other languages too; for now, the other language links will take you back to the old website.

(a direct replication of announcement by QVI) 

QInfinite - An Introduction

In less than a month's time we at QNET go INFINITE..........with an even better enhanced compensation plan. Here's an introduction to the unlimited impending opportunity by Donna Imson and JR Mayer.

17 March 2012

QVI Vacation Packages - Cost Evaluation

(click on the photo for an enlarged view)

It is pretty evident that the rates on offer are remarkably competitive, with world class facilities available through these packages. And, the fact that cannot be overlooked is that the opportunity of joining QNet and getting the business is absolutely free. The earning potential that these businesses offer through these respective vacation packages goes from Rs 9 crores per year to Rs 63 crores per year. Marvellous.

The column of 'Promo Rates' has been been left blank since at present the promotional rates are not on offer. However, it is adequate to understand that in that situation, the cost per person per night reduces further.

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11 March 2012


That's an introduction to QNet and welcome address by it's Managing Director, Mr JR Mayer. He effortlessly explains the vision behind the very existence of the company.

04 March 2012

We Are One.....

This inspiring song is the official song of QNet.

03 March 2012

Another Step Forward

You may have heard the rumours... we are being promoted,we will enjoy higher maximum payouts, we will get the chance to earn higher commission per step, and more products are coming our way! In short, WE get MORE and more exclusive and unique products will be introduced to our world of unlimited opportunities. The secrets of QNET UNlimited soon will be ours to discover with the enhanced compensation plan, QInfinite

We are just eagerly awaiting the initiation of this enhanced compensation plan....it's but a matter of one more month. All those who join us during this period also stand to immensly gain from this initiative, compared to those who join thereafter.

Testimonial - Biodisc & Chi Pendant

Today I received this mail from my upline, enclosing a forward of the testimonial of a satisfied biodisc user at Bangalore who has immensly benefitted from it's continuous use. Read on......it is self explanatory. Reproduced verbatim.


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Srinivasa Kumaran <srinivasgk_1970@yahoo.com>
To: "prasanna_nag@yahoo.com" <prasanna_nag@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, 1 March 2012 5:55 PM
Subject: Re: My Testimony Details for Both Bio Discs and Chi Pendant
My Testimony – About Usage of Bio Disc and Chi Pendant
My Health Background:

1. I am having acidity problem for the last 4+ years. Having Allergic Ashtma complaint since my child hood. This is my hereditary Issue from my mother.
2. Use to take Citrizine, Avil and Regulary take Gelusil MPS and Ashthalin Inhaler for my Whizzing problem and overcome the allergic issues and acidity Issues.
   Use to take medicines very frequently for the above problems and headaches, tiredness (Use to take Superactive daily 1 capsule)
     Use to carry all my medicines along with my travel pack whenever I travel out of station. It was a major issue when I go out of station.
5.    2 years back approached Dr.Batra (homeopathic) and started taking medicines for my acidity and other allergic issues. Felt Benefit and continued medicines along with my other medicines.
My Current Situation:
1.     Joined QNET on May 18th 2011. Taken 2 Bio Discs along with my Holiday Vacation Package. Started using Bio Disc since May 28th 2011.
2.     It is a miracle in my life. I stopped using all medicines since June 2011. Not taken a single tablet since June as on today. All I am using Energized water (approx 3 litres) every day. I am absolutely fine today and I was able to overcome all my health challenges based on the above reported problems. Stopped taking Dr.Batra’s medicines too since Sep 2011 onwards. Completely ZERO MEDICINES and I am very much healthy, energized, great in my Improved Immune System today.
3.     Use Energized water for my face wash daily, my kids and wife fond of Bio Discs.
4.     My Wife is using Veloci-TI pendant since 3+ months and she is the only lady does the complete exercise with full energetic for her aerobics class. She is the real testimony!
5.     Started Using Chi Pendant in the month of August 2011.
6.     Both are my favorite wellness products. I have recommended & sold more than 40+ Bio Discs and 15+ Chi Pendant to my friends, Family members, collegques etc., Many of them today with me as part of QNET Journey.
Truly Happy Customer/IR/Promoting Wellness products from bottom of my Heart.
Srinivasa Kumaran (Srini)
NF516702 (Bangalore) 9845182725.  

Recent Activity:

Testimonial - Biodisc

Yes, miracles do happen.........and the tools to make them happen are just around us.

Testimonial - Biodisc

A testimonial from Mr Pratap from Nagpur, after making optimum use of the Biodisc. The happiness he is experiencing is so evident..........

02 March 2012

Holiday Product Line from QNet

Quest Vacation International (QVI) Club (http://www.qviclub.com/) is an exciting flexible vacation membership club that offers access to thousands of hotels and resorts worldwide. QVI Club is a part of the QI Group, the details of which can be known by following this link http://www.qi-ltd.com/overview.html

Through QVI Club's 5 different types of membership, and various promotional holiday packages, one can find a vacation package that is flexible enough to suit the needs of oneself and the family.

QVI Club is one of the fastest-growing vacation clubs in the world, and It is constantly expanding it’s resort portfolio to ensure an inventory of high quality resorts to meet rising demands. With it’s further tie up with Xchangeworld (http://www.xchangeworld.com/) it has further enhanced it’s portfolio of exceptional resorts.

QVI Club has recently appointed VANAMALA (http://www.vanamala-india.com/about.html) as it’s Indian arm in Mumbai, and it will be fully functional to address the requirements of it’s clients in India by Dec 2010.

Now, let’s have a look at what this QVI Club has on offer. The detailed powerpoint presentation can be downloaded from this page link http://www.vanamala-india.com/downloads.html . It is under the heading ‘QVI Training Presentation’.