22 March 2012

QVI - New Website

After many months of hard work and thought, we are now pleased to show you the new QVI Club website. Check it out at www.qviclub.com.

It has a bright, fresh look; lots of great photos of our resorts, destinations and travel activities; and most importantly, it incorporates all the enhancements that you’ve been asking for – easy navigability, home page links to pages you often visit, more information on what QVI Club is all about, a Quick Fact Guide, and lots of pictures.

This is still a work in progress – we are developing a resort travelogue video, a new testimonial video, and various other initiatives and improvements. We will start work on translating the website to all other languages too; for now, the other language links will take you back to the old website.

(a direct replication of announcement by QVI) 

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