02 March 2012

Holiday Product Line from QNet

Quest Vacation International (QVI) Club (http://www.qviclub.com/) is an exciting flexible vacation membership club that offers access to thousands of hotels and resorts worldwide. QVI Club is a part of the QI Group, the details of which can be known by following this link http://www.qi-ltd.com/overview.html

Through QVI Club's 5 different types of membership, and various promotional holiday packages, one can find a vacation package that is flexible enough to suit the needs of oneself and the family.

QVI Club is one of the fastest-growing vacation clubs in the world, and It is constantly expanding it’s resort portfolio to ensure an inventory of high quality resorts to meet rising demands. With it’s further tie up with Xchangeworld (http://www.xchangeworld.com/) it has further enhanced it’s portfolio of exceptional resorts.

QVI Club has recently appointed VANAMALA (http://www.vanamala-india.com/about.html) as it’s Indian arm in Mumbai, and it will be fully functional to address the requirements of it’s clients in India by Dec 2010.

Now, let’s have a look at what this QVI Club has on offer. The detailed powerpoint presentation can be downloaded from this page link http://www.vanamala-india.com/downloads.html . It is under the heading ‘QVI Training Presentation’.

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