17 February 2012

How To Select A Network Marketing Company

It is not an easy task.... Choosing the best network company is like getting married. What matters to somebody may really not be of importance to the other. You must know what matters to you most. But I must warn you! Never ever promote your company and its products before you promote yourself. People join people. They don't join companies. After all, everyone is out their shouting how theirs is the best.

This is what we need to be on the lookout for:-

Quality Products and Services : The company must strive to provide very high quality products. These products especially wellness ones must have scientific tests to back them up. They should yield the promised results.

Rare Products and Services : It would lose meaning to walk down the street in any store and find the product. It is also critical to have a product with retail customers. Those not interested in the compensation plan.

Transparency : The company must provide a clear system where distributors can track their efforts. They should get their cheques on time. Personally, The IR should rather deal with the Company directly. The concept of middle men has really brought many wrangles.

Technology Friendly : Gone are the days when distributors had to create room in their small homes for the company's products. With the advanced technology, you should be able to make a sale just by one click on your mouse. However, if your target market "believes by seeing", then you want products to demonstrate with.

Known Company with Global Business :The company should be recognized Internationally. Surely by searching Google, you should be able to find it. They should have real offices and staff to connect to in case of a problem.

Time Factor : How long has the company been in operation? This is very important especially if you are not a risk taker. Check out the pros and cons of joining it.

Costs : This is very critical. You must know costs involved. Sometimes the start up costs are okay but the monthly charges have left distributors frustrated. Even the little commission they make goes back to the company. I would rather buy a product that is highly priced once and avoid ongoing mandatory purchases.

Compensation Plan : Understanding this is very important. Is it sustainable in the long run and are their diminishing returns as time passes? If feasible, try to compare it with plans being offered by others.

Training and Support : The company should be in the continuous process of providing training and motivational support.

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