17 February 2012

The Kiwi

At first it is a little difficult to comprehend what is the message that is being conveyed, however the simplicity of the animation is really touching. Kiwi is a bird which cannot fly............but this one dares to dream, and then sets out to realize the dream. The inner joy it experiences while virtually 'flying' with the help of 'just now grown wings and the nailed trees' atleast once before it plunges to it's death, is superbly summed up in a tear from it's eye. So aptly supports the title of my blog!!!

Since he can't fly up the air, only way to fly was to jump down a huge cliff. Now, jumping down a cliff wouldn't constitute as flying, but rather, as falling, mainly because there is nothing on the cliff but rocks. What he did was, he nailed ALL THOSE trees into the rock and so when he jumped off, it seemed like he was flying normally... above the trees, like he would if he had wings in the first place. Trees made it believable

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