26 February 2012

Escape The Rat Race

There are a number of reasons that explain the recent trend towards people choosing to operate a home based business. In particular, the opportunity to be your own boss presents many lifestyle benefits such as more time and flexibility to improve work – life balance, while high income potentials and significant tax advantages can help to improve financial freedom and stability. Additionally, advances in technology, mainly the internet and the mobile phone have improved communication, making the home office more practical, particularly for those who would normally spend hours commuting.

There are many benefits associated with operating a home based business, and in particular why network marketing is becoming more popular as one of the fastest growing industries of all time. Some of these benefits include:
  • Financial Freedom
  • High Income Business Opportunities
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Success Driven Industry
  • Significant Tax Advantages
  • Low Financial Risk
  • Time Freedom
  • Gaining Business Experience
There are also many additional benefits to joining a network marketing company that are often initially overlooked. The education and training that one receives as part of one’s initial investment are priceless! In return for a low investment, there is a gain of both the knowledge and experience required to run a business.
The personal development that you can gain operating a home based business can be very rewarding. You very quickly discover your weaknesses, but with the right training and mentoring these can be turned into strengths, which again can benefit all areas of your life and not just your business.

The network of colleagues you develop in network marketing is invaluable. In your team you may have a wide range of skills including medical staff, academic doctors, engineers, trades people, retail, administration, teachers, university students, photographers, professional athletes, personal trainers, business owners, accountants, lawyers, parents and many more. As you can imagine having a close network of people with such skills has many benefits that extends to aspects of your life outside of your business. To look at the broad range of skills and knowledge that makes up your team is amazing. Naturally a network of skilled colleagues means that there is always someone to call on for advice in any given field of expertise.

So many people make decisions about network marketing based purely on the financial aspect of the business, what they fail to realise are the additional benefits that can extend far past that.

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