17 February 2012

Moving Forward To Realize Your Dreams

If you are feeling stagnated and not moving forward with your DREAMS, then you are not alone. You are probably among the 95% of those who are still looking for their "chance to break away".  The mere fact that you have chosen to "do something" about it and that you are here reading this, you are very close to your "break away point". Just hang in there...All you need is a Business Plan to move you closer to your GOALS.

You see, you are where you are today, because of the decisions you had taken or not taken in the past and the skills you had or did not have.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I salute you for wanting to transform your life to a higher purpose. Your journey to a different future has already begun... Now, as you have made it until here, I can sense your determination to pursue your new life's direction. Guess what? You deserve a BIG Break. You deserve to be successful. You see, you are where you are today, because of the decisions you have taken or not taken in the past and the skills you had or did not have. But, do not worry, you are not alone.

There is no Magic Success Pill that will transform you to a successful human being. Although there could be a lottery for those who can endure the odds, for the rest of us hard work is what we have to put in to get what we want. All said and done there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is the Hard Way and the Smart Way to get there, and you need a Guide (Coach) to show you the Smart Way.

1.      Mental Preparation and Your Mindset. Our thoughts become our words. Our words become our actions. Our actions become our habits... and our habits determine our DESTINY.  This is the most important area in the preparation for someone's future, which cannot be over emphasized.

Jeff Olson, shares with us one of the most important secrets of success. In his book, 'The Slight Edge' explains how BIG results achieved by most successful people are not normally the outcome of BIG actions, but normally are the outcome of subtle little actions compounded over time. Such insignificant actions that many will ignore, because such subtle actions individually, do not have a significant outcome on their own. Yet, this error in judgment is what has led 95% of the population, not to achieve their lifetime GOALS.

So be aware of your thoughts as we go on with our daily lives. Our lives are shaped by decisions that we make everyday no matter how small or mundane they may appear at that moment. Be aware of every little decision you make and make sure your decisions are not made by your subconscious mind.

2.      Investing On Yourself. Your financial growth can never outgrow your personal development. All the skills and knowledge you have accumulated so far has brought you to your present financial platform. Therefore in order to move forward, you need to be willing to 'invest in yourself' to acquire new knowledge and set of skills necessary to propel you to your next level of success.

Easy said than done. This is probably the most difficult task you have to do. You need to CHANGE. You need to be willing to let go anything and everything that has been holding you back, be it a habit, fear of something or your scarce mentality. You need to be willing to do whatever it takes to set yourself up for SUCCESS.

3.        Learning The Language Of Money.  Robert Kiyosaki, Author of The NY Times best seller "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" says, "Most people fail to realize that in life, it's not how much money you make, it's how much money you keep" that is the key to your financial freedom. "We have all heard of stories of lottery winners who are poor, then suddenly rich, then poor again. They win millions and are soon back to where they started.... If you want to be rich, you need to be financially literate" .

4.        Your Most Important Asset Is People. If you are looking forward to build a sustained business success, then 'people' are central to your success. They must be valued, measured and invested in. You must be good in building relationships within and outside your organisation.

Your capability to 'influence people' will determine how far you will go in achieving your goals. If you can do this, it means you have their ‘permission’ to be their ‘Leader’. However, your leadership role must be that of a ‘Servant Leader’. Such a role should not be taken lightly, because you have to be able to deliver the ‘service’ expected of you by the people or your ‘team’ and when you do, they will become loyal to your call of DUTY.... and this is the foundation of your success.

5.       Why Understanding Leverage Is Key To Your Success. Leverage means using a lever... It also means, using given resources to magnify the (financial) outcome. Applying ‘leverage’ to your business will create huge difference in your results... and Tim Sales, the famous MLM Educator in his "Brilliant Compensation" DVD has a very good way of explaining this phenomenon for anyone to understand. For a mathematicians it is the difference between nine multiplied by nine and nine to the power of nine.

6.        Building Networks Of People. Every successful person understands the power of ‘Networking’ people to create ‘Leverage’ in his business, as explained above.But, what happens if you are a shy and reserved person? Where and how will you find these "People" from which you will build your network and your business? Relax. You can fully recall that when we were small children we were always, or still are, afraid of the unknown. However, in case of prospecting for increasing your network, we forget to realise that we are getting afraid of the 'probable' known i.e. we are getting afraid of hearing a NO. Here the unknown is "YES" and unlike all other situations, if it happens, then it only benefits us. That's the 'mantra'.

7.        Every Successful Business Person Is A Sales Person. You see... selling depends largely on your mindset. If you approach a prospect with the intention of making money out his/her purchase, it becomes overbearing onto you as well as to your prospect. It is also not a very effective way to sell anything. However, when your adjust your mindset with your intention focused on ‘how to help your prospect solve his/her problem’, you are no longer feeling like a door to door sales person, you are now a Solution Giver, a Consultant and an Educator and selling is no longer a burden, but it becomes a joy and an activity you will always be looking forward to do. If you strongly feel, and also convey it to your prospect, that you are there to help him realise his dreams and your intentions are genuine, there will be nothing stopping you from bringing him on board, and in the process also 'raising yourself'.Remember, you will not always be selling products or services, but by being an effective sales person you will be able to convince or sell your ideas anywhere, be it in the Boardroom while presenting your budget or with your spouse when deciding which movie to watch.

8.        Achieving BIG Results.  How does it all fit-in. Each one of these 7 Steps are essential for your success. The better you master them the better your results will be. In order to stay focused, shorten your learning period and guarantee your success, a Coach or a Mentor is required to guide you. The best recourse is to stay connected with your uplines and other team members, and also attend regular system meetings/training sessions which will help you keep charged.

Sharpening The Saw : "You give me six hours to chop down a tree, I will spend the first four sharpening my saw" - Abraham Lincoln

(I acknowledge the effort of the original author of this article, unknown to me).

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