19 February 2015

17 Reasons To Get Into Network Marketing

Any business idea will have challenges. That’s why you need solid, sustainable reasons to get into it. Here’s 17 good reasons why you should get into network marketing right now.

Most journeys are going to take a while and that’s certainly true with building a successful network marketing business. Hopefully nobody has told you that network marketing is ‘get rich quick’...... because it’s not. But it can and usually does pay off ‘big-time’ if you don’t give up.
Mental toughness is a big part of being successful in the industry and here are some thoughts to consider if you:
(a) need a ‘checkup from the neck up, or 
(b) are considering the network marketing business. 

These are 17 reasons why for 99.999% of the people on the planet, network marketing is the most lucrative, fun and viable business model there is.

1. You can start part-time. There are very few businesses with the kind of income potential that network marketing has that will allow you to start parttime and yet still have such incredible training, mentorship and administrative back-up. One of the biggest and saddest mistakes that people make in starting a business enterprise is starting it when they’re desperate for money. Getting into network marketing when you don’t actually need the money makes a lot more sense.
2. You can build it your way. It’s true that most companies have training and they have their own recommended game plans for success. And it’s also true that within any one company you’ll often find people using different variations to make it work. But, unlike a “job”, that choice is up to you. You write your own success story.
3. Tax benefits. It’s not necessarily fair but the reality is that business, in its various legal forms, gets tax breaks in most countries that individuals don’t get. Just that simple accounting difference can amount to significant additional income in your bottom line each year. 

4. Pride of ownership. People like to feel proud of what they do but most traditional jobs give employees nothing to feel proud about. Owning your own network marketing business gives you plenty to feel proud about and the more you grow in your business the more proud you (and your family) can legitimately feel.
5. You can create a legacy. A successful network marketing business is willable, through your estate, to your heirs or anybody else you decide. The legacy you set in motion in your business can affect people’s lives in a variety of positive, clearly visible ways after you’re gone. You can set principles in motion, through the leadership and business skills you teach others, that will carry on through many generations. You can’t say that about working for most traditional companies.

6. Real job security. Network marketing companies today offer plenty of upward mobility potential because the essential skills, i.e. leadership skills, are evergreen and will always be in demand either within your network marketing company, elsewhere in the industry or elsewhere in the field of business.
7. Networking with entrepreneurs is fun. In traditional jobs there’s not much networking that’s not controlled by your company. In the network marketing industry, you’ll find lots of accomplished leaders who love to network, share, socialize with other rising stars even if they’re in other companies. It’s more than a job… it’s a global community.
8. You really can make the world a better place. Very, very few traditional jobs give their employees any validation on the value of the work they do. Most employees in traditional jobs are just a ‘piece’ of a machine that their boss turns ‘on’ and ‘off’ at will but human beings need meaning in their life and if they don’t get it they can die inside many years before they die biologically. In network marketing you have many opportunities to give to other and to do good for others.

9. Network marketing is still something ‘unique’. Even though our industry is over 60 years old, it’s still not understood by a lot of people. If you’re the kind of person who likes the idea of doing something different with your life... network marketing is gives you that chance. Most people are fascinated with the way our business model blends work and play and how many new experiences we always have just around the corner.
10. You’re an important member of the ‘team’ from Day One. Unlike most traditional jobs where you’re a ‘nobody’ in a sea of nobodies, in network marketing you’ve people who can help you and are glad to help you. In fact the whole system is set up to insure that you’ve always got advice, help and guidance close at hand no matter how high you rise.
11. You can become an expert in a unique skill. Nothing happens unless something is sold and network marketing by far is the best way to move products (i.e. consumer products anyway). Having an opportunity to get good at building a successful network marketing business is a valuable and appreciated skill in the business world in general.
12. You’re constantly building your own character. The most important and valuable skills in network marketing are your people skills. Whereas you can ‘make a living’ in lots of other jobs without good people skills, it’s really not possible in network marketing. And the people skills you develop in network marketing benefit you in every other aspect of your life too.
13. You’ll get all the recognition you can handle. Network marketing recognizes the importance of the recognition in their organizations. These companies know that it’s the field sales force and field leaders that generate the orders that result in product in the warehouse turning into money in the bank so recognition is constant in network marketing. And it’s not cheesy ‘crap’ either. We’re talking about trips and prizes that even owners of traditional businesses would envy. Becoming successful in network marketing isn’t necessarily super easy but it is super possible and it’s definitely super worth it. Just remember why you’re in it so that the normal problems that everybody experiences some degree of don’t get you down.
14. Successful network marketers are some of the most wealthy people in the world. Network marketers, even if they’re only moderately successful, can invest their money wisely and in the space of just a few years money no longer is a factor in decisions they make. In today’s economic climate, average people are being squeezed tighter and tighter financially and it’s not always because they aren’t valuable. It’s because they’re in a business model that doesn’t pay them what they’re worth.
15. You can reinvent yourself. With people living longer and longer nowadays, it’s common for people to simply want to reinvent themselves at some point in their life. Unlike the traditional business model where your resume determines your next job, in network marketing you can try anything or pursue any goal you want to. Nobody can ‘box’ you into any type of classification or limitation.
16. You really can change the world. You really can change the world in network marketing because it’s the only business model that allows you to influence as many people as you want by building an organization starting immediately. You learn to do it by sharing your dream with others and teaching them to do the same. It’s dreams that change things. The products are just the results of the dreams.
17. You instantly become an ‘employer’ instead of an employee. Because of the support you get from your network marketing company, you’ve got all the “Payroll” you need and you can hire as many people as you want. With most network marketing companies nowadays you can even recruit in foreign countries.

And, for those who are already on the path of time and financial freedom as direct selling professionals in the Network Marketing industry............it’s important to remember what makes network marketing so unique…or to know what’s so special about it if you’re thinking about getting into it as more and more people continue to do. Most of the companies in our industry are good and there’s a company and an opportunity to fit everybody’s character, talents and dreams. 

Becoming successful in network marketing isn’t necessarily super easy but it is super possible and it’s definitely super worth it. Just remember why you’re in it so that the normal problems that everybody experiences some degree of don’t get you down.

(This is the original article as taken from OBTAINER magazine)


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