15 July 2013

My Salute.....To My Upline

It is time that I dedicate a post to my mentor, my upline, who has not only been a wonderful companion but an excellent guide to me on this excellent and marvelous journey towards achieving time and financial freedom.

How I got introduced to him can be seen here and here.

It is a coincidence that both of us have had our ample contribution to the Indian Army as officers. So, expecting from him the traits of a good leader, with excellent inter-personal skills and an eye for detail was a given thing. And I was certain that he would not be wasting his time and energy to polish those qualities of mine when I stepped into this business.

Since he had joined this excellent opportunity with QNet, much before me, he was completely clued up about the aspects that needed attention for anyone to be successful over here. The best part was, that he also knew well in advance as to what approach would be the best for me to know about those and imbibe them quickly. Being very down to earth and humble, he has but naturally never taken credit for those qualities and has always accredited them to his mentors, the wonderful couple team of Malckolm & Michelle Desai.

The very first day when I joined, his opening statement was, “I will not only show you the way on which to run, but I will run along with you till the finish line”. That’s complete selflessness. It clearly indicates that he is not concerned only about his cheques, but yours too. The most outstanding feature of his professionalism is that he never misses out on making a contact with all the members of his Team. He makes a diligent endeavour that no member of his team loses sight of his/her respective dreams, and then cajoles, coerces, pushes them to put in the required effort to fulfill them. And, when each one of us achieves our short term goals, we have none amongst us who is more delighted and happier than him. His personality is so magnetic, that even if a downline desires to avoid him, for reasons like inability to carry out the laid down activities, he still reaches out to him in a completely fearless manner. It has only come out of the faith that each has reposed in him, and the sence of belief that he has inspired, that each member of the team clearly understands that he only has their benefit upmost in his heart as well as mind.

Without being verbose, as the essence of his qualities may get lost in the text, I just summarise his personal and professional attributes which have had an immense impact on all of us in the team, and has propelled us towards prosperity.
  • He is completely welcoming and approachable, yet knowing to avoid mixing business with pleasure. 
  • He has complete grip of the business, and completely aware of the policies, procedures and products of QNet. However, he has not limited himself to this and has an excellent idea of the complete direct selling industry. 
  • He possesses excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. He is completely adept at coming down to the level of the person with whom he is interacting, and make him feel at ease. 
  • When any member of his team faces challenges, he comes forth as a bundle of motivation, full of innovative ideas and accurate and appropriate feedback. Never hesitant to call ‘a spade – a spade’ he exercises full right to trespass and speaks ‘what we do not want to hear’ without hesitation or guilt, something which is a fallout of his genuine concern for us. 
  • Helps all of us to expand our business, even globally, by coordinating with and providing ample support from our grand uplines. 
  • Extremely sensitive to the needs of his team members, both at personal and professional front. 
  • Is connected to his team, not only professionally, but on the personal front as well. Being aware of family details of the team members, and wishing them (rather surprising them) on special days like birthday and marriage anniversary comes very naturally to him. It thus paves the way for him to bond emotionally with each of his team member. 
  • Keeps us continuously informed about the events related to systems and other activities taking place, both at national and global level, and guiding as to how these can be suitably exploited for personal development and enhancement of business. 
  • Very competent in nature, and has the ability to instill the same spirit in his team. Never ready to accept defeat, he has ensured that we have no SIRs (sleeping IRs) or even DinoSIRs in our Team. Even the thought of quitting does not come to us, when he is there to guide us through this path, at every step. 
  • Has both, a vision, and a mission, individual and for the complete team.
I know that he is one who would like to stay away from the arc lights and be a silent worker, working relentlessly for the welfare, benefit , success, prosperity and happiness of the people around him. However, at this instant, I cannot help but to pay my respect, gratitude and obeisance to him, by openly stating that I am extremely lucky and fortunate to be in the shadow of such an excellent upline.

The Infectious Smile

He is none other than, Col Narasimha Mudakatte (Retd) from Bangalore (India).

Sir, my salute to you.

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