14 December 2012

Sojourn at Goa.....Through QVI Vacations

For long we had been planning for vacation holidays. And then, QVI Club Membership happened. It was such an exciting moment, and we started planning pronto. There are many target areas on our vacation radar, however Goa topped the list. Something which we did not like was….waiting. Yes, we had to wait for some sort of vacation break in the schools, both of my wife and son. And there came the Dusshera holidays. A perfect time for move to Goa, as it is the start of the tourist season. We would escape the mad rush of the peak of the tourist season, and have near total peace on the beaces and other places of tourist interest.

All those who came to know of our planned jaunt, asked us jealously, “WHAT will you do for full seven days at Goa?” We simply replied, “Tell you on return”.

We were keen to arrange our stay in North Goa, however while trying to book the resorts, options for North Goa looked exhausted. Only South Goa Resorts were available during the specific period of our planned vacation, and we had no scope of changing our vacation dates. Never to give up, I contacted the concerned people at Vanamala India, and requested them to arrange for our stay at the desired resort in North Goa. They asked for some reaction time, and lo behold, we had a confirmed reservation at Pheonix Park Inn Resort, near Candolim Beach in North Goa.

The coastline on a cloudy day
Fisherman's trawler
Dolphin Spotting
The Diamond Merchant's Property
The Sieve Effect

The Convent and Church of St. Francis of Assisi

The Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Goa, part of the archaeological museum, exhibits prehistoric items from a distant tribal past and also reminds of Goa Dourada or Golden Goa. The Church of St. Cajatan, built by an Italian architect in 1651, was modeled in miniature on St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.


Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa, built in 1605, is quite a popular place to visit in Goa. The history of this Goan church is as interesting as the beautiful architecture that this church in Goa is proud of. Basilica of Bom Jesus has now been declared a World Heritage Monument. This church in Goa is famous because the sacred relics of St.Francis Xavier are kept in this church. 

St.Francis Xavier, patron saint of Goa, died while on a sea voyage to China on December 2, 1552. As per his wishes, the following year, while transferring his remains to Goa, it was found that the saint's body was as fresh as the day it was buried. This miraculous phenomenon continues to attract the devout from all lands, and an exposition or public viewing of his body every ten years attracts lakh of pilgrims.

Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

Goan churches are well known for a strange amalgamation of Indian and Portuguese architecture. The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception is an imposing building situated right at the main square (Church square) of the town. This place is a central place of worship and prayer for the locals.

The church was built in 1540 and underwent rebuilding and renovation in 1619. Modeled as per the structure of church of Reis Magos this church boasts of tall twin towers constructed in a typical Portuguese baroque style. Dedicated to 'Nossa Senhora da Imaculada Conceicao' the main altar of the church has been artfully carved in Renaissance style. The church bell is large and is in fact the second largest bell in Goa.

An evening on the cruise boat

Some snaps of wonderful sunsets
Parasailing on sea

Riot of colours

Parasailing on land

So, these are just a few glimpses of what we saw at Goa. Had thousands of photographs, but it was a difficult task to sort out and choose some, for this upload. It is just an attempt to provide a sampling of our wonderful vacations. We went to spice gardens, tasted Goan and seafood each day, moved from beach to beach, traversed from North to South Goa and on days relax at the resort. Summing it up.....we JUST CHILLED OUT!!!

Well, more important part......how was the resort!!! That will need a separate post. Coming soon.

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